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Last update

This plugin is designed to put your language as text to days and months in the "last updated"

Current Version:

09 August 2009


Screenshots of admin

Admin css   Admin config   Admin language



  • choose whether to appear on a line or to line shift.
  • the opportunity to determine what to display.
  • easy configuration of view.
  • fully customizable in language and style of each part.
  • can be inserted just where you want.
  1. Please remember to take backup before you do anything!
  2. Download plugin-loader from
  3. Download the file and unzip it a place, team directory structure.
  4. Upload folder with the contents of the folder plugins.


  1. Log in to the page through CMSimple.
  2. Insert the code in the content area; paste: #CMSimple $output.= last_update();# where you want the display should be.
  3. Code in templates is <?php echo last_update();?>
  4. Under "Settings" are plugins dropdown, choose "last_update" to put settings as you want.
  5. Full list of php date options can be found here

Language included

  • Danish
  • English
  • German


  • This plugin is valid with both standards.


I have developed this plug for fun and to all those who wish to use it. Enjoy!

Example here

Last Updated:
Sunday on 27 October 2013 at 13:15